SCG1SCD: La Guia de Concreto Sostenible - Estrategias y Ejemplos


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Title: SCG1SCD: La Guia de Concreto Sostenible - Estrategias y Ejemplos

Author(s): Andrea J. Schokker

Publication: Technical Documents



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Date: 2/1/2010

*** Published by U.S. Green Concrete Council*** **CD-ROM - Spanish Version** The first-ever comprehensive resource on concrete and sustainability, “The Sustainable Concrete Guide – Strategies and Examples” provides insight on specific strategies for the best use of concrete in high-performance, long-lasting, green buildings. Included in the guide are case studies, technical data and references, and numerous practices that can be implemented immediately. The guide is divided into three parts. Part 1 of the guide includes information on “Concrete Basics for Sustainability,” which outlines the uses of concrete as the most widely used building material in the world. Part 2 of the guide is titled “Considerations for Best Use of Concrete for Sustainable Structures,” and it contains 11 chapters on specific uses of concrete for sustainable structures. Topics include: • Chapter 1 – Carbon footprint; • Chapter 2 – Thermal transmission; • Chapter 3 – Thermal mass and storage; • Chapter 4 – Longevity and service life; • Chapter 5 – Stormwater management; • Chapter 6 – Human factors and the living/working environment; • Chapter 7 – Safety and security; • Chapter 8 – Reduce, reuse, recycle; • Chapter 9 – Economic impact; • Chapter 10 – Resilience with climate change; • Chapter 11 – Compatibility with other innovative sustainability strategies Part 3 of the guide, titled “Beyond Sustainable Rating Systems: Project Profiles,” features 12 specific construction projects throughout the U.S.; all of which utilize sustainable concrete practices and techniques. Included are profiles of three specific types of structures: parking structures and parking lots; single-family and multi-family residential structures; and commercial, institutional, and industrial. This CD presents real-world examples that can be used to guide any engineer, architect, specifier, building owner, or contractor who is interested in learning how to most effectively and efficiently integrate concrete in durable and sustainable structures.