Concrete bearing strength in strip connectors of steel-concrete composite structures


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Title: Concrete bearing strength in strip connectors of steel-concrete composite structures

Author(s): K. Furtak

Publication: KILW

Volume: 51

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 323-341

Keywords: bearing strength

Date: 7/1/2005

The article presents formulae for calculation of concrete short term bearing strength fcud, concrete fatigue bearing strength fcudf and concrete bearing strength fcudfi after any number of load cycles Ni smaller than the limit number N (which leads to fatigue failure). The proposed ways of determining concrete bearing strength in perfobonds have been worked out on the basis of the author's own experiments. The quoted formulae are valid for the parameters of strip thickness, holes diameters and concrete class adopted in the research. They cannot be extrapolated beyond the extreme values of ø (20÷40 mm), t (12÷20 mm) and Ad (360÷600 mm2) used in the research. However, interpolation in possible in the range in-between the adopted maximum values. It should be noted that the given sizes are identical with those used in real elements composed with strip connectors. On the basis of the results of experimental tests presented it can be stated that the formulae for calculation of concrete fatigue strength cannot be used directly for the description of fatigue strength fcudf in steel perfobonds. Using the former ones the values of fatigue strength fcudf are underrated for small numbers of load cycles and most often overrated values of fcudf for high values of N are obtained.

Polish Academy of Sciences, International Partner Access.

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