Permanent, Safe, Affordable Fixation of CO2 The Gaia Engineering Solution


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Title: Permanent, Safe, Affordable Fixation of CO2 The Gaia Engineering Solution


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Date: 2/13/2011

There is an urgent need to reduce the CO2 in the air. With their huge volume and existing chemistry concretes contribute around 10% to global warming (Pearce 1997). The current approach in the industry is top down and involves little change. In contrast the author advocates radical changes in the composition not only of cements but aggregates and building components as only by doing so can we change the underlying molecular flows in a way essential for survival. The invention of TecEco Eco-Cement proves that this rock could be man made carbonate and geo sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide. As stated by Fred Pearce in the article on Eco-Cements published in the New Scientist magazine (Pearce 2002) “There is a way to make our city streets as green as the Amazon Forest. Almost every aspect of the built environment from bridges to factories to tower blocks, and from roads to sea walls, could be turned into structures that soak up carbon dioxide – the main greenhouse gas behind global warming. All we need to do it is the change the way we make cement.”

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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