Enhancing The Ductility And Strength Of HSC Beams Reinforced With High Strength Steel


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Title: Enhancing The Ductility And Strength Of HSC Beams Reinforced With High Strength Steel


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Date: 2/13/2011

Higher strength concretes are being used by construction materials. However, higher material strength capacity is often associated with a decrease in ductility. To increase the ductility will allow new materials to be used, as well as harness the full potential flexural strength of reinforced concrete beams. Improved ductility through the incorporation of helical reinforcement located in the compression region is investigated herein. The helix must successfully confine the inner core in order for substantial ductility improvements to occur. In this study, different helical configurations are investigated, in order to determine the full implications of their use. This paper considers the strength gain and ductility of high strength reinforced concrete beams incorporating high strength tensile and helical reinforcement. The effect on ductility through the application of helical reinforcement located in the compressive region of the beam is highlighted. Beams four meter span were subjected to flexural loading, with an emphasis placed on the mid span deflection. The results indicate that the inclusion of helical reinforcement is an effective way of increasing ductility in high strength reinforced concrete beams.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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