Shear Strength And Behaviour Of RC T-Beams Retrofitted With CFRP L-Strips


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Title: Shear Strength And Behaviour Of RC T-Beams Retrofitted With CFRP L-Strips


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Date: 2/13/2011

A range of methods exist for the strengthening of structurally deficient bridges such as section enlargement, external post-tensioning, deck widening, increasing deck overlay, use of additional props or steel plate bonding. Steel plate bonding is widely used in many strengthening applications including bridge retrofitting because such bonding is relatively simple, effective and efficient with minimum site disruption. Changes in the dimensions of the retrofitted structures are only of the order of a few millimetres. However, in corrosive environments, deterioration of the bond between the plate and concrete substrate caused by the corrosion of steel can render the force transfer mechanism between the two components less effective. Other shortcomings include high self- weight resulting in the need to use clamping devices and lifting equipment during operation and a restriction on the maximum length of the steel plate. In this paper, the experimental results of shear-deficient T-beams strengthened using web-bonded Lshaped CFRP laminate strips are presented.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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