Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete Columns


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Title: Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete Columns


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Date: 2/13/2011

With the availability of advanced technology and appropriate materials, High Strength Concrete (HSC) is now commercially available and has been used for the columns of mid- to high-rise buildings and bridges in many countries. Some issues of concern with HSC columns are cover spalling, brittle nature of failure and bursting of the concrete due to expansion in case of a fire. This paper presents the experimental results of six eccentrically loaded columns made of Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete (FRHSC). The fibre used in the test program was 3M Polyolefin (25/38) fibres and the compressive strength of concrete was 62 MPa. The fibres were dispersed very uniformly in the concrete mix. Four columns were subjected to single curvature bending and two were in double curvature bending. All the FRHSC columns failed in a less brittle manner without having the concrete spalled away as compared to a catastrophic failure of HSC columns. An analytical method developed by the authors and described elsewhere was used to predict the strength of the FRHSC columns.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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