Blends of Polycarboxylate-Type Superplasticizers In Use For Concrete Admixtures


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Title: Blends of Polycarboxylate-Type Superplasticizers In Use For Concrete Admixtures


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Date: 2/13/2011

During the last few years polycarboxylate based polymers have become very popular. They contain a polycarboxylic backbone onto which ethyleneoxide side chains have been grafted. However it’s dispersing- and slump keeping properties vary a lot, depending on the chemical structure. The dispersing properties of two polymers having a different number of polyoxyethlene (PEO) graft chains relative to the length of the backbone were evaluated in cement paste by measuring adsorption on cement paste and flow properties in different mortar compositions. The effects of the polymers on the fluidity and the retention of flow of the cementitious systems are significantly different. Whilst one polymer gives a very strong initial water reduction the second one shows excellent flow retaining properties. When combined the two polymers are well suitable for the production of RMC and Self-compacting concrete mixes with different cements and in different climate zones.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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