Experimental Analysis of the Drying Process of Lightweight Mortars


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Title: Experimental Analysis of the Drying Process of Lightweight Mortars


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Date: 2/28/2011

The drying process of concrete-based mortars used on the levelling of floors is a slow process, requiring a considerable time length to complete. The high pace of modern construction activities is not always compatible with the time needed to allow mortars to dry, leading to a considerable number of pathologies on the final layers of the floors, due to excessive moisture. Taking into account the time required for a complete drying of the levelling layer, it is not possible to wait for this process to end before the application of the final layer. So, it is necessary to evaluate the amount of water present in the levelling mortar when the finishing layer is put in place, and ensure the material used is compatible with this amount of moisture. The present work aims at contributing for a better knowledge of the drying process of lightweight mortars used for levelling of floors. Laboratory tests were carried out to compare the drying process of different types of cement-based mortars produced with lightweight aggregates (expanded cork, clay and polystyrene granulates).

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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