Z 10 - Guide to Tilt-up Design and Construction


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Title: Z 10 - Guide to Tilt-up Design and Construction


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Date: 2/7/2011

Tilt‑up is a form of construction ideally suited to the rapid realisation of a wide range of buildings for industrial, commercial, residential and community use. It provides the benefits of solid concrete-walled buildings quickly and economically. There has been some confusion in the terminology used for 'tilt‑up', eg it has been referred to as 'tilt slab construction'. In this Guide the definition given in AS 3850 is adopted, ie 'Tilt‑up panel—an essentially flat concrete panel; cast in a horizontal position, usually on-site; initially lifted by rotation about one edge until in a vertical or near-vertical position; transported and lifted into position if necessary; and then stabilized by bracing members until incorporated into the final structure.' This definition covers panels cast on-site and those cast off-site; clearly identifies the salient features of tilt‑up; and some of the necessary design considerations, eg design for lifting and design for the braced condition.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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