Major Advantages of Unpropped Construction-Versatile, Ultra Long-Spanning Composite Flooring System


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Title: Major Advantages of Unpropped Construction-Versatile, Ultra Long-Spanning Composite Flooring System


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Date: 2/13/2011

The ongoing research and development of a versatile, ultra long-spanning, combined steel formwork and reinforcement system has allowed the design and construction of composite floors with unpropped spans of up to 8.5 metres. In order to span such a large distance, the system has been designed to utilise a number of unique features, in particular panel voiding and longitudinal precambering. These features allow a designer to significantly reduce the overall slab depth, volume of concrete, longterm incremental and total vertical deflections, and/or amount of conventional reinforcing steel compared with off-form concrete floor construction, or conventional composite floor construction involving shallowribbed steel decking. The versatility of the new system also permits very flexible panel configurations to be constructed in order to cater for specific project requirements, for example heavy loading situations involving large point loads and columns. Two-way action of the composite flooring system can be uniquely achieved by passing reinforcing bars transversely through holes in the webs of the panels, which only has to be done where it is specifically required. Case studies are presented that provide details about a range of design and construction issues, that clearly illustrate some of the major advantages of unpropped construction using this world-leading composite flooring system.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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