Strength of Mortar Containing Activated Slag and Fly Ash


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Title: Strength of Mortar Containing Activated Slag and Fly Ash


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Date: 2/13/2011

The aim of the work reported in this paper is to compare the strength of two different alkali activated cementitious materials; an alkali activated slag (AAS), and a fly ash based geopolymer. To achieve this purpose, one set of mortars has been prepared with slag activated by a low concentration of alkaline solution and another set with fly ash activated by high alkaline solution. Variable alkali moduli were employed for both types of alkaline solution. The study shows that activator concentration has a significant influence on the strength of both AAS and fly ash based geopolymer mortars. However, there is a limit for increasing the strength by increasing the alkali modulus (AM), beyond this limit, a reduction of strength is likely to occur. Given the alkali modulus and activator concentration, it was found that AM=1 in 5% Na2O for AAS and AM=1.25 in 15% Na2O for fly ash based geopolymer were the optimum mix composition providing the highest compressive strength for the mortars.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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