Cement Sustainability Initiative: Recycling & Beyond


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Title: Cement Sustainability Initiative: Recycling & Beyond

Author(s): ACI Harve Stoeck

Publication: Web Session (Outdated)



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Keywords: sustainability, green, ISO TC71/SC8

Date: 11/7/2009

ACI Concrete Sustainability Forum In recent years, sustainability and green design/construction have received much deserved attention. Through its strategic plan, ACI announced its commitment to expand the understanding of sustainability among the membership, expand resources to support sustainability issues, and increase the content on sustainability in ACI documents and products. This workshop will provide you with additional knowledge and resources to identify opportunities in your ACI committee work, in your work with other organizations, and in your career, to make necessary changes in order to design, construct, and specify buildings and infrastructure in more sustainable ways. Additionally, this workshop will assist the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC71/SC8 in gathering information for a new standard being developed on environmental management for concrete and concrete structures.