Climate-responsive house design with concrete


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Title: Climate-responsive house design with concrete

Author(s): Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia

Publication: CCAA



Appears on pages(s): 32 pages.

Keywords: design solution, passive design, sustainable design, residential building

Date: 11/1/2007

This publication covers the role of concrete in climater-responsive house design for each of Australia's climate zones. It provides a resource to designers for the development of a design solution for a particular climate type, including the choice of materials, effective passive design for solar control and ventilation. Most importantly, through detailed analysis it provides a strategic approach to sustainable design by identifying the biggest impacts and outlining design responses. This reduces the complexity of sustainable design objectives and highlights the issues that must be addressed to move towards sustainable residential building. The sustainability of the building is considered over its life. The publication draws on detailed case studies to illustrate climate-responsive design. The case studies were conducted by Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) from 2002 to 2007.

Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia, International Partner Access.

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