Flexural Behavior of GFRP-RC Slabs Post-Tensioned With CFRP Tendons


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Title: Flexural Behavior of GFRP-RC Slabs Post-Tensioned With CFRP Tendons

Author(s): Martin Noel, Khaled Soudki and Ahmed El-Sayed

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 275


Appears on pages(s): 1-20

Keywords: CFRP, fiber-reinforced polymers, GFRP, post-tensioned, prestressed, reinforced concrete, SCC, self-consolidating concrete, slabs

Date: 3/1/2011

The results of an experimental investigation on the effects of prestressing on the flexural behavior of GFRP-reinforced SCC slabs are presented. A total of six one-way slab strips were tested up to failure, including one steel-reinforced control slab. The five remaining slabs were reinforced with GFRP bars, three of which also contained two CFRP post-tensioned tendons. Steel stirrups were included in one prestressed and one non-prestressed slab to ensure a flexural mode of failure. The slabs were tested under four-point bending. Results were compared to analytical models for ultimate flexural and shear capacity as well as load-deflection behavior. Prestressing effectively increased the cracking load and post-cracking stiffness of the FRP-reinforced slabs and significantly reduced crack widths at service loads. Slabs without shear reinforcement failed in shear in a brittle manner prior to reaching their full flexural capacity. All of the GFRP-reinforced slabs failed at higher loads than the control slab.