Experimental Investigation on Compressive Behavior of Bottle-Shaped Struts


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Title: Experimental Investigation on Compressive Behavior of Bottle-Shaped Struts

Author(s): Giuseppe Campione and Giovanni Minafo

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 108

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 294-303

Keywords: bottle-shaped struts; compression; holes; strength provision

Date: 5/1/2011

The goal of this investigation was the experimental verification of the dispersion of compression in bottle-shaped struts. Two typical bottle shapes were generated under load in compression concrete—both drilled and undrilled—and were reinforced concrete prismatic members with loading steel plate having a reduced area with respect to the entire cross section of the members. Axial load, and axial and lateral strains were recorded during the tests to evaluate the effects of key parameters. The comparative analysis of the experimental results showed that: 1) the presence of a hole produces a variation on the stress and strain distribution and a reduction in the load-carrying capacity; 2) the reduction in the dimension of the loading plate produces a reduction in the load-carrying capacity; and 3) the presence of transverse steel reduces this phenomenon, ensuring more ductile behavior. Finally, an analytical prediction of the load-carrying capacity was made and compared with the experimental results.