Experimental Study on the Thick Layer Roller Compacted Technology of RCC


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Title: Experimental Study on the Thick Layer Roller Compacted Technology of RCC

Author(s): Yongjian Wang and Shihui Ding

Publication: China Concrete and Cement Products


Issue: No.2 2010(Total 172)

Appears on pages(s): 16-20

Keywords: Roller compacted concrete, Thick layer roller compacted, Vertical vibration roller, New types of detectors of density

Date: 4/20/2010

To break through the restrictions of the thickness of the current RCC compaction about 30cm,and to accelerate the speed of roller compacted concrete construction,new types of vertical vibration of roller and detectors of density are used for the RCC process tests of different thickness paver(27cm,41cm,54cm) and roller compacted thickness(54cm,82cm,108cm).The density datas obtained show that the appropriate times of rolling and the post-compaction thickness of 3~60cm of concrete,its degree of compaction can satisfy the quality requirements,and three new detectors of density(maximum measured depth of 100cm) can meet the testing requirements of more than 30cm thick layer of roller compacted concrete in the construction process.
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