Effects of Curing Agent on Durability Performances of Concrete


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Title: Effects of Curing Agent on Durability Performances of Concrete


Publication: China Concrete and Cement Products


Issue: No.5 2010(Total 175)

Appears on pages(s): 19-23

Keywords: Curing agent, Shrinkage, Chloride ion penetration, Carbonation, Frost resistance

Date: 10/20/2010

Coating with curing agent is being used in field of concrete engineering as a new kind of curing method.The effects of curing agent on the shrinkage,chloride ion penetration,carbonation and frost resistance of concrete are comparatively investigated.The results show that coating with curing agent can obviously reduce shrinkage of concrete and the shrinkage reducing ratio is above 30% at early age(7d).Comparing with standard curing and dry curing,concrete specimen coated with curing agent gets the best chloride ion pen-etration resistance.Coating with curing agent enhances the carbonation resistance of concrete with low amount of fly ash.Coating with curing agent can improve the frost resistance of concrete without mineral admixtures,however,the improvement becomes weak when fly ash was adding into concrete.
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