MCP-5(11): Manual of Concrete Practice Part 5 (2011)


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Title: MCP-5(11): Manual of Concrete Practice Part 5 (2011)


Publication: Technical Documents



Appears on pages(s): 1338


Date: 2/14/2011


Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by MCP-5(12).

2011 Version Includes Index of complete Manual of Concrete Practice Contents: 371 Guide for the Analysis, Design, and Construction of Elevated Concrete and Composite Steel- Concrete Water Storage Tanks—ACI 371R-08; 372 Design and Construction of Circular Wire- and Strand-Wrapped Prestressed Concrete Structures—ACI 372R-03; 373 Design and Construction of Circular Prestressed Concrete Structures with Circumferential Tendons ACI 373R-97 (Reapproved 2010); 374 Acceptance Criteria for Moment Frames Based on Structural Testing (ACI 374.1-05) and Commentary—ACI 374.1-05; 376 (Provisional) Code Requirements for Design and Construction of Concrete Structures for the Containment of Refrigerated Liquefied Gases (ACI 376-10) and Commentary (Abstract only)—ACI 376-10; 408 Bond and Development of Straight Reinforcing Bars in Tension—ACI 408R-03; 408 Bond under Cyclic Loads—ACI 408.2R-92 (Reapproved 2005) (Abstract only); 408 Guide for Lap Splice and Development Length of High Relative Rib Area Reinforcing Bars in Tension and Commentary—ACI 408.3R-09; 421 Guide to Shear Reinforcement for Slabs—ACI 421.1R-08; 421 Guide to Seismic Design of Punching Shear Reinforcement in Flat Plates—ACI 421.2R-10; 423 Recommendations for Concrete Members Prestressed with Unbonded Tendons—ACI 423.3R-05; 423 Corrosion and Repair of Unbonded Single-Strand Tendons—ACI 423.4R-98; 423 Specification for Unbonded Single-Strand Tendon Materials (ACI 423.7-07) and Commentary— ACI 423.7-07; 423 Report on Corrosion and Repair of Grouted Multistrand and Bar Tendon Systems—ACI 423.8R-10; 423 Test Method for Bleed Stability of Cementitious Post-Tensioning Tendon Grout—ACI 423.9M-10; 435 Control of Deflection in Concrete Structures—ACI 435R-95 (Reapproved 2000); 435 Observed Deflections of Reinforced Concrete Slab Systems, and Causes of Large Deflections— ACI 435.8R-85 (Reapproved 1997) (Synopsis only); 437 Strength Evaluation of Existing Concrete Buildings—ACI 437R-03; 437 Load Tests of Concrete Structures: Methods, Magnitude, Protocols, and Acceptance Criteria— ACI 437.1R-07; 439 Types of Mechanical Splices for Reinforcing Bars—ACI 439.3R-07; 439 Report on Steel Reinforcement—Material Properties and U.S. Availability—ACI 439.4R-09; 440 Report on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcement for Concrete Structures—ACI 440R-07; 440 Guide for the Design and Construction of Structural Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars— ACI 440.1R-06; 440 Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures—ACI 440.2R-08; 440 Guide Test Methods for Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (FRPs) for Reinforcing or Strengthening Concrete Structures—ACI 440.3R-04; 440 Prestressing Concrete Structures with FRP Tendons—ACI 440.4R-04; 440 Specification for Construction with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcing Bars—ACI 440.5-08*; 440 Specification for Carbon and Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bar Materials for Concrete Reinforcement—ACI 440.6-08*; 440 Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Systems for Strengthening Unreinforced Masonry Structures—ACI 440.7R-10; 441 High-Strength Concrete Columns—ACI 441R-96; 445 Recent Approaches to Shear Design of Structural Concrete—ACI 445R-99 (Reapproved 2009); 446 Fracture Mechanics of Concrete: Concepts, Models and Determination of Material Properties— ACI 446.1R-91 (Reapproved 1999) (Abstract only); 446 Finite Element Analysis of Fracture in Concrete Structures—ACI 446.3R-97; 446 Report on Dynamic Fracture of Concrete—ACI 446.4R-04; 503 Use of Epoxy Compounds with Concrete—ACI 503R-93 (Reapproved 2008); 503 Standard Specification for Bonding Hardened Concrete, Steel, Wood, Brick, and Other Materials to Hardened Concrete with a Multi-Component Epoxy Adhesive—ACI 503.1-92 (Reapproved 2003); 503 Standard Specification for Bonding Plastic Concrete to Hardened Concrete with a Multi-Component Epoxy Adhesive—ACI 503.2-92 (Reapproved 2003); 503 Specification for Producing a Skid-Resistant Surface on Concrete by the Use of Epoxy and Aggregate—ACI 503.3-10*; 503 Standard Specification for Repairing Concrete with Epoxy Mortars—ACI 503.4-92 (Reapproved 2003); 503 Guide for the Selection of Polymer Adhesives with Concrete—ACI 503.5R-92 (Reapproved 2003); 503 Guide for the Application of Epoxy and Latex Adhesives for Bonding Freshly Mixed and Hardened Concretes—ACI 503.6R-97 (Reapproved 2003); 503 Specification for Crack Repair by Epoxy Injection—ACI 503.7-07; 506 Guide to Shotcrete—ACI 506R-05; 506 Guide to Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete—ACI 506.1R-08; 506 Specification for Shotcrete—ACI 506.2-95; 506 Guide for the Evaluation of Shotcrete—ACI 506.4R-94 (Reapproved 2004); 506 Guide for Specifying Underground Shotcrete—ACI 506.5R-09; 522 Report on Pervious Concrete—ACI 522R-10; 522 Specification for Pervious Concrete Pavement—ACI 522.1-08; 523 Guide for Cast-in-Place Low-Density Cellular Concrete—ACI 523.1R-06; 523 Guide for Precast Cellular Concrete Floor, Roof, and Wall Units—ACI 523.2R-96; 523 Guide for Design and Construction with Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panels—ACI 523.4R-09 *Metric version available for this document at