Secant Stiffness Method for Inelastic Design of Strut-and-Tie Model


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Title: Secant Stiffness Method for Inelastic Design of Strut-and-Tie Model

Author(s): Tae-Sung Eom and Hong-Gun Park

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 107

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 689-698

Keywords: performance-based design; reinforced concrete; secant stiffness; strut-and-tie model

Date: 11/1/2010

A secant stiffness method was developed for the inelastic design of strut-and-tie models (STMs). According to the design strategy intended by the engineer, struts and ties are classified as elastic and inelastic elements. For the inelastic elements, secant stiffness is used to address the effect of inelastic deformations. By performing linear analysis for the STM, the forces and inelastic deformations of the struts and ties are directly determined. The safety of the struts and ties is evaluated by using deformation-dependent failure criteria. The proposed method was applied to existing test specimens including a deep beam, a coupling beam, and a shear wall. The design results were compared with the properties and deformation capacities of the test specimens.