A study on the bond strength of tension lap splices in self compacting concrete


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Title: A study on the bond strength of tension lap splices in self compacting concrete

Author(s): K. Pandurangan, D. Sreedaran

Publication: RILEM

Volume: 43

Issue: 8

Appears on pages(s): 1113-1121

Keywords: Bond (reinforcement to concrete), Self compacting concrete, Confinement, Splice, Bond stress–slip, Crack-width, Ductility

Date: 8/1/2010

The primary objective of the research reported in this paper was to evaluate the effect of using self compacting concrete on the bond strength and mode of bond failure of tension lap splices anchored in normal strength concrete (NSC). Studies on the effect of transverse reinforcement on anchored reinforcement in self compacting concrete to prevent brittle mode of failure is limited. To meet this objective, full-scale NSC beam specimens were tested. Each beam was designed with bars spliced in a constant moment region at mid-span with various levels of stirrup confinement. The slip of the reinforcement with respect to concrete is also measured by providing notches at the end of the splices. Test results indicated that there is an increase in the bond strength when self compacting concrete is used in place of vibrated concrete. Ductility and splice strength increased as the confinement increased. When the stirrup spacing is less than 150 mm, the failure in the splice region was by yielding of steel. The influence of confinement on the crack formation of the beams is also reported.

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