Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Free Suspended-Elevated Slabs


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Title: Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Free Suspended-Elevated Slabs

Author(s): X. Destree

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 268


Appears on pages(s): 155-164

Keywords: design method; elevated slabs; steel fiber; testing.

Date: 3/1/2010

The structural use of steel fibers as the only principal reinforcing has been developed and refined for the last 15 years. Total replacement of traditional rebar is now common in applications like suspended slabs resting on a pile grid which spans from 3 m (10 ft) to 5 m (17 ft) each way. Generally, the span-depth ratio of the slabs in such applications ranges from 12 to 25. Although most of these slabs use the ground as a form only, some of them have been cast in elevated conditions without any contact with the ground to ensure total independence in the event expansive clay or gas hazards are present or could be present. More recently, steel fiber reinforced concrete has been used in suspended elevated slabs with a span-depth ratio equal to 30, and spans from 5 to 8 m (17 to 26 ft) length. The present article reviews the concrete mix design, the type of steel fiber, the dosage rate needed, the hardened concrete testing method based on current standard documents and round indeterminate panel slab tests. An example of steel fiber-reinforced concrete elevated slab is given and the design method is outlined in detail.