Alkali Resistant Cellulose Fibers for Decorative Concrete


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Title: Alkali Resistant Cellulose Fibers for Decorative Concrete

Author(s): R. I. Bell and J. H. Morton

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 268


Appears on pages(s): 63-78

Keywords: cellulose fiber; decorative concrete; fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC).

Date: 3/1/2010

This paper discusses the use of alkali resistant cellulose fibers for decorative applications. The penetration of fibrous reinforcement for decorative concrete applications has been somewhat limited. The main barrier has been interference of the fiber during many of the intricate and complicated finishing steps employed in these high-end concrete applications. Some of the complications encountered are fibers sticking to the stamps and dragging out of the surface, fiber clumps found at the surface creating blemishes, lack of stain receptivity by the fibers, etc. These aesthetic complications can often result in customer dissatisfaction with the final product. The commercial entry of alkali resistant cellulose fibers for fibrous reinforcement in concrete has provided a new option for fiber reinforced concrete in decorative concrete applications. The potential benefits of cellulose fibers in concrete are expected to help further enlarge the use of fiber reinforced concrete in the market place.