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Title: Behavior of RC T-section beams strengthened with CFRP strips, subjected to cyclic load

Author(s): H. Tanarslan, M. Tanarslan, Sinan Altin

Publication: RILEM

Volume: 43

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 529-542

Keywords: RC Beam, Strengthening, Shear, CFRP, Cyclic load

Date: 4/6/2010

This paper presents results of an experimental investigation on T-section reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened with externally bonded carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips. Specimens, one of which was the control specimen and the remaining six were the shear deficient test specimens, were tested under cyclic load to investigate the effect of CFRP strips on behavior and strength. Five shear deficient specimens were strengthened with side bonded and U-jacketed CFRP strips, and remaining one tested with its virgin condition without strengthening. The type and arrangement of CFRP strips and the anchorage used to fasten the strips to the concrete are the variables of this experimental work. The main objective was to analyze the behavior and failure modes of T-section RC beams strengthened in shear with externally bonded CFRP strips. According to test results premature debonding was the dominant failure mode of externally strengthened RC beams so the effect of anchorage usage on behavior and strength was also investigated. To verify the reliability of shear design equations and guidelines, experimental results were compared with all common guidelines and published design equations. This comparison and validation of guidelines is one of the main objectives of this work. The test results confirmed that all CFRP arrangements differ from CFRP strip width and arrangement, improved the strength and behavior of the specimens in different level significantly.

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