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Title: Incorporation of Crushed Sands and Tunisian Desert Sands in the Composition of Self Compacting Concretes Part II: SCC Fresh and Hardened States Characteristics

Author(s): Abdelhamid Rmili, Mongi Ben Ouezdou, Mhamed Added, and Elhem Ghorbel

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 3

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 11-14

Keywords: self compacting concrete; deserted sand; crushed sand; rolled sand; sands combinations


Date: 6/30/2009

This paper is interested in the incorporation of crushed sand and desert sand in the composition the Self Compacting Concretes (SCC). Desert Dune Sand, which has a fine extra granulometry, and the crushed sand, which contains an important content of fines, can constitute interesting components for SCC. Part II consists in studying the behaviour of SCC containing various sands with different origins. These sands, with different sizes, consist of several combinations of Rolled Sand (RS), crushed sand (CS) and Desert Sand (DS). The study examines the influence of the granular combination of sands on the characteristics in the fresh and the hardened state of SCC. The results of the experimental tests showed an improvement of the workability of the fresh SCC by combining sands of varied granulometry. The addition of the DS to CS or to RS allowed the increase of the mixture viscosity but decreased the mechanical strengths. Furthermore, the CS-RS combinations increased the compressive and the tensile strengths of the studied SCC. The optimized formulations of sands gave the highest performances of the SCC.


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