Concrete--Year 2000, Revisited


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Title: Concrete--Year 2000, Revisited

Author(s): B. Mather

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 144


Appears on pages(s): 31-40

Keywords: admixtures; aggregates; cements; compressive strength; concrete construction; concrete dams; concrete durability; concretes; concrete products; floating bridges; high-performance concretes; high-rise buildings; highways; lightweight concretes; precast c

Date: 3/1/1994

In the August, 1971 issue of the ACI Journal, the report of the ACI Board Committee on "Concrete--Year 2000" was published. That committee concluded that looking ahead 30 years in 1971 was as difficult as it was in 1900 to look ahead 70 years to 1970 because of the accelerating rate of change. That acceleration has not altered. It is believed that the least amount of progress has occurred in the area of cooperation under what, in 1971, the committee termed "advancements in attitude." It seems that there is more rather than less conflict and litigation among participants in concrete technology. One of the most significant improvements waiting to be made is in the area that some are calling "conflict resolution." In the 21st century, concrete technology will be alive and well, and continuing to make progress in some ways that cannot now be predicted.