Concrete Durability in a Very Aggressive Environment


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Title: Concrete Durability in a Very Aggressive Environment

Author(s): M. Maslehuddin, Rasheeduzzafar, O. S. B. Al-Amoudi, and A. I. Al-Mana

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 144


Appears on pages(s): 191-212

Keywords: aggregates; cement types; concrete durability; humidity; corrosion resistance; deterioration; environments; reinforcing steels; steels; sulfate attack; temperature; water-cement ratio; Materials Research

Date: 3/1/1994

The environmental condition in the coastal areas of the Arabian Gulf are considered to be very aggressive with regard to concrete durability. The reduction in the useful service life of concrete structures in this region is attributed to an interplay of geomorphic and environmental factors characterized by high concentrations of chloride and sulfate, high ambient temperature and humidity, daily and seasonal variations in temperature and humidity, contaminated groundwater at shallow depths, and contaminated and absorptive aggregates. While the major cause of deterioration is reinforcement corrosion, degradation of concrete due to sulfate attack and salt weathering are not uncommon. Paper presents an overall view of concrete deterioration phenomena in aggressive service conditions, such as the Arabian Gulf, highlighting the role of each degradation phenomenon and the need for further research to produce durable concrete that is economical and has a long service life.