Shear Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced With FRP Stirrups


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Title: Shear Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced With FRP Stirrups

Author(s): Tomoya Nagasaka, Hiroshi Fukuyama, and Masamaru Tanigaki

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 138


Appears on pages(s): 789-812

Keywords: beams (supports); compressive strength; elastic limit; stirrups; fiber reinforced plastics; shear properties; Structural Research

Date: 9/1/1993

An experimental investigation was conducted to study the shear performance of concrete beams with bar-shaped FRP reinforcement. The 35 half-scale beams were subjected to monotonically increased shear force up to ultimate capacity. The principal variables were type and reinforcement ratio of stirrup and concrete strength. The beams with FRP stirrups failed due to either breaking of the curved stirrup sections or crushing of a diagonal strut. The former failure mode was excessively brittle and more undesirable than the latter. The ultimate shear capacity increased with increasing the content of FRP stirrup, and was not so remarkably affected by the type of stirrup, although the FRP stirrups without yielding did not so effectively carry the shear force as conventional steel stirrups. Under the same stirrups, the shear capacity of the beams flexurally reinforced with FRP bars was smaller than that of the beams with steel bars. Further, it was observed that the ultimate shear capacity of beams with FRP stirrups can be fairly well estimated by substituting the tensile strength of curved sections of stirrup for the yield strength in Arakawa's formula.