High-Performance Concrete Incorporating Large Volumes of ASTM Class F fly Ash


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Title: High-Performance Concrete Incorporating Large Volumes of ASTM Class F fly Ash

Author(s): A. Bilodeau and V. M. Malhotra

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 149


Appears on pages(s): 177-194

Keywords: alkali-aggregate reactions; carbonation; chloride ions; compressive strength; creep properties; deicers; drying shrinkage; fly ash; freeze-thaw durability; high-performance concretes; marine atmosphere; modulus of elasticity; permeability; sulfates; tempe

Date: 10/1/1994

Describes the development of a new type of high-performance concrete incorporating large volumes of ASTM Class F fly ash. Briefly, this concrete incorporates about 56 percent fly ash by weight of cement, and has a water-to-cementitious materials ratio of about 0.32. The portland cement and fly ash contents are of the order of 155 and 215 kg/m 3 of concrete, respectively. The flow slumps are achieved by the use of large dosages of superplasticizers. Because of the low cement content, the temperature rise in this concrete is low, and this concrete is ideally suited for concrete structures where excessive temperature rise is a concern. Also, the high-volume fly ash concrete has all the attributes of a high-performance concrete. It has excellent mechanical properties and demonstrates superior resistance to freezing and thawing cycling, chloride-ion penetration, sulfate attack, carbonation, and marine environment. Also, it has low permeability, and shows excellent performance in reducing potential expansion due to alkali-aggregate reaction.