High Performance Concrete Mixtures for Durability


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Title: High Performance Concrete Mixtures for Durability

Author(s): J. M. Shilstone, Sr., and J. M. ShilstoneI, Jr.

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 140


Appears on pages(s): 281-306

Keywords: abrasion resistance; aggregates; coarse aggregates; compacting; corrosion; durability; freeze-thaw durability; high-performance concretes; mix design; mix proportioning; particle size distribution; permeability; shrinkage; stability; strength; Materials R

Date: 9/1/1993

The paper provides guidelines for the development of concrete mixtures that will function in an aggressive environment. Performance will be based upon durability and not high strength. In few cases will strength greater than 5000 psi (34.4 MPa) be of structural value. Some concrete has performed well in severe environments for more than 100 years while some newer concretes exposed to similar environments have deteriorated prematurely. Attention to basic concrete technology during the early years contributed to long-term durability. in the authors' opinions, emphasis on strength without regard to special needs for durability contributed to the current performance problems. Graphical means are suggested whereby the need for high performance concrete for durability can be identified by project type and environment. The requirements for various durability requirements are listed and summarized in a cross reference table that can aid in translating qualitative measures into quantitative terms.