Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Concrete Structures


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Title: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Concrete Structures

Author(s): Aleksandar Pakvor

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 128


Appears on pages(s): 1407-1422

Keywords: concretes; deterioration; inspection; rehabilitation; repairs; safety; serviceability; strengthening; stresses; structures; General

Date: 11/1/1991

When, what, and how should existing concrete structures be inspected? How should their real safety and serviceability, as well as their remaining service life be evaluated? When and how should they be repaired, rehabilitated, and reconstructed? When should the existing structure or some of its members be replaced with new ones? Those are essential and timely questions of both technical and economical nature to which scientists and experts all over the world search for the right answers. The purpose of rehabilitation of deteriorated structures is to reestablish their capability to accept, with the sufficient safety and the desired durability, all the effects, and to respond to all functional requirements that have been anticipated by the original design. Reconstruction has the purpose of making the existing structures, which need not be deteriorated, capable of accepting higher effects and responding to higher functional requirements compared to those anticipated by the original design. Strengthening of the existing concrete members, to be done within the reconstruction, can be realized by the decrease of the load effects (decrease of the dead load, the decrease of span, the change of the structural system), by the increase of the resistance of the members (the increase of the cross section, additional reinforcement, additional steel plates) and by the change of the state of stress (additional prestressing).