High-Strength Concrete Used in Highway Pavements


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Title: High-Strength Concrete Used in Highway Pavements

Author(s): S. Helland

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 121


Appears on pages(s): 757-766

Keywords: abrasion resistance; concrete construction; resurfacing; repairs; high-strength concretes; highways; pavements; silica fume; General

Date: 11/1/1990

In Norway, almost every car is equipped with tires that have small steel studs to improve the traction between the tire and the road for driver control during the winter season. These studded tires have an enormous wearing effect on ordinary asphalt pavement. Roads with the heaviest traffic near the major towns need to be resurfaced at intervals of 1 to 2 years. To improve the abrasion resistance, application of high-strength concrete instead of asphalt has been started. The national Norwegian cement producer has performed a large-scale investigation to determine the relation between concrete composition and abrasion resistance. The results prove that a 100 MPa concrete might approach the same properties as massive granite. The paper describes a number of projects performed by an independent company, where this high-quality material has been utilized in practical construction.