Improved Determination of the Locations and Sizes of Steel Rebars in Concrete


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Title: Improved Determination of the Locations and Sizes of Steel Rebars in Concrete

Author(s): Sandor Popovics and John S. Popovics

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 128


Appears on pages(s): 485-497

Keywords: computers; cover; magnetic tests; nondestructive tests; reinforced concrete; reinforcing steels; General

Date: 11/1/1991

According to the trade literature, the determinations of location, direction, and the cover thickness over a single steel bar in concrete are relatively easy and reliable from a magnetic measurement if the bar diameter is known. The estimation of the bar diameter is also possible if the cover thickness is known, although these results are less reliable. Only recent publications suggest double measurements from which both the cover thickness and the bar diameter can be estimated without previous knowledge of either of them. Unfortunately, the accuracy of diameter determination remains unimproved even with these methods. This paper attempts to present the further improvement of the magnetic determination of bar characteristics. The basic idea is to combine a magnetic device with a computer that calculates, without any previous knowledge about the bar: 1) the thickness of the concrete cover above the bar and, 2) the diameter of the bar. Preliminary data also indicate that distinction can be made whether the tested area is above a single bar or multiple bars, although this is not discussed in this paper. Experimental data obtained on laboratory specimens illustrate the new method.