Pullout Test, Maturity and PC Spreadsheet Software


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Title: Pullout Test, Maturity and PC Spreadsheet Software

Author(s): R. L. Dilly and W. L. Vogt

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 112


Appears on pages(s): 193-218

Keywords: age-strength relation; compressive strength; computer programs; concretes; curing; nondestructive tests; pullout tests; General

Date: 1/1/1989

Pullout testing and maturity have practical construction applications. Maturity is used to determine curing duration. The pullout test is used to determine in-place strength and to verify the adequacy of cure. Personal computers with spreadsheet software are tools that can benefit concrete construction. Templates developed using spreadsheet software can be used to acquire and analyze relationships between in-place strength and compressive strength, and maturity. Experimental investigations using pullout testing and maturity were undertaken and are reported using graphic features of spreadsheet software. The results of these experimental investigations show that curing environment can affect in-place strength relationships. Also, the results show that top to bottom strength differences can exist and should be considered when determining in-place strength. The results obtained using the compressible disk pullout assemblies indicate that this test method can be used to determine in-place strength without formwork removal, and the method should be further researched.