Comparison of Sealant Specifications


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Title: Comparison of Sealant Specifications

Author(s): Julian R. Panek

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 94


Appears on pages(s): 193-202

Keywords: adhesion; curing; hardness; joint sealers; performance; specifications; tests; Construction

Date: 9/1/1986

A review of dynamic sealant specifications reveals loopholes that are abused. The inadequate exposure of test assemblies does not reflect actual conditions facing sealants on the jobsite. The low requirements and loose criteria of most specifications allows borderline sealants to pass but have been observed to fall on outdoor exposure--thus pointing to inadequacies in present specifications. Aging criteria have been reviewed. Recommendations are given for closing the loop holes, broadening testing to include tests on sealants before and after any heat aging followed by water immersion, and heat aging followed by water immersion that are average conditions facing sealants on any jobsite. Performance requirements have also been upgraded to better reflect less volatile components in sealant systems. The recommendations given can be met by some sealants available on the market today.