Field Molded Joint Seals in Tension and Compression


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Title: Field Molded Joint Seals in Tension and Compression

Author(s): Egons Tons

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 94


Appears on pages(s): 31-48

Keywords: compression; joint sealers; joints (junctions); sealing; temperature; tension; Construction

Date: 9/1/1986

When joints in pavements, buildings, and other constructed facilities are resealed, cast in place or "liquid" sealants are frequently used. The sealants are usually placed during warm weather--in summer--when the jointsare at their minimum width. This puts the sealants in tension for the rest of the year. The paper explores the possibility of sealing joints at intermediate temperatures--in fall and spring. Calculations show that the sealant under these circumstances will undergo both tension and compression strains and that the effective working range of the sealant may be doubled. This permits much greater freedom when designing joint seals to fit stringent requirements. During the compression cycle, the amount of sealant bulging out of the joint must be accounted for if traffic rolls across the joint.