External Prestressing in Bridges: The Example of the Sylans and Glacieres viaducts (France)


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Title: External Prestressing in Bridges: The Example of the Sylans and Glacieres viaducts (France)

Author(s): Pham Xuan Thao

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 120


Appears on pages(s): 145-158

Keywords: bridges (structures); cantilever bridges; concrete construction; high-strength concretes; post-tensioning; precast concrete; prestressing; prestressed concrete; prestressing steels; segmental construction; stadiums; structural design; unbonded prestressin

Date: 6/1/1990

The use of tendons placed outside the concrete for the longitudinal prestressing of bridge decks is particularly well suited to the triangulated trusses that have now proven effective. Experience acquired first on the Tehran Stadium roofing (internal tendons) and then on the externally prestressed Bubiyan Bridge in Kuwait has highlighted the numerous advantages to be derived from the latter system. The technology has, therefore, been used again, with external tendons, in the construction of the Sylans and Glacieres viaducts located along the Macon-Geneva-Mont Blanc highway in France, on behalf of the Societe des Autoroutes Paris Rhin-Rhone. The two viaducts have a total length of 1500 m. Each consists of two parallel decks, 10.75 m wide. Typical spans are 60 m long. The deck is precast in forms as a series of 4.66 m long elements and erected by sequential cantilevering using a launching girder.