Making Good Concrete in Hot Weather


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Title: Making Good Concrete in Hot Weather

Author(s): ACI Committee 305

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 14

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 55-57

Keywords: admixtures; air entrainment; concrete construction; cooling; mixing; curing; evaporation; finishes; high temperature; hot weather construction; humidity; ice; liquid nitrogen; placing; pozzolans; production methods; retardants; setting (hardening); slump

Date: 4/1/1992

Describes how high ambient temperature, low humidity, solar radiation, and wind during concreting operations can increase the rates of cement hydration and evaporation of mix water, and consequently adversely affect the strength, durability, and appearance of the hardened concrete. Summarizes practices that minimize the problems of hot weather concreting, including: selection of materials and proportions to counteract the effects of hot weather; precooling ingredients; reducing as-placed concrete temperature; minimizing delivery time; protecting concrete during and immediately after placing and finishing; curing techniques; and testing and inspection procedures.