Shotcrete Wine Storage Caves


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Title: Shotcrete Wine Storage Caves

Author(s): Jon Y. Kaneshiro

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 11

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 42-44

Keywords: reinforced concrete; shotcrete; subsurface structures; storage; tunnels; Construction

Date: 7/1/1989

Reinforced concrete underground wine storage caves were constructed using shotcrete and a forming and reinforcing system that was designed for alpine tunneling. The forming and reinforcing system consists of interlocking plates of corrugated steel stamped to provide a "V" rib between a high-lowbasketweave-profile section. After the plates were assembled into a framework and covered with shotcrete, the shell structure was buried. Homes, highway culverts and undercrossings, mines, prison and security walls, and portal structures can all be constructed using this system.