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Title: In Situ Performance of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Author(s): P. Arumugasaamy and R. N Swamy

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 117


Appears on pages(s): 87-112

Keywords: columns (supports); creep properties; deformation; field tests; humidity; load transfer; performance; reinforced concrete; shrinkage; static loads; strains; stresses; structural design; temperature; Construction

Date: 10/1/1989

Long-term behavior of in situ reinforced concrete columns in two structures during construction, occupancy, and service is reported. Extensive strain and moisture movements were made up to about 10 years of service, and long-term movements at 25 to 30 years were then estimated. The stress history experienced by the columns in the second structure was monitored through a stress meter embedded in one of the columns, and the influence of reinforcement and the time-dependent movements on the stress history is described. The gradual but significant stress redistribution with time and the resulting concrete-steel load transfer is also discussed. Results show that the time-dependent deformation in in situ columns occurred over a very long period of time and continue to occur at a very small rate. However, the majority of movements in the columns occurred during the first 5-year period after construction of the columns. It is shown that dead load appears to be the predominant load carried by the columns. The design steel stress has been exceeded in several columns within 10 years of service life; however, none of the steel is expected to yield in 50 years of service life. Based on the in situ performance of columns along with other available data, a design recommendation is made to incorporate the effects of load transfer from concrete to steel at the design stage.


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