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Title: IBM Tower in Singapore--Analysis and Design

Author(s): Vilas Mujumdar

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 128


Appears on pages(s): 1319-1334

Keywords: computer programs; cores; deflection; finite element method; framing systems; girders; lateral pressure; multistory buildings; office buildings; structural analysis; structural design; Design

Date: 11/1/1991

The IBM tower in Singapore is a 40-story office/retail complex. The structure is V-shaped in plan up to the 16th floor, where one leg of the vee is dropped. The rhomboidal shape continues to the top. Services like emergency stairs, elevators, and mechanical rooms are located at the end of the vee, thus creating three cores at the base and two from the 17th floor up. There are no floors between the 16th and 23rd levels. The office floors from the 23rd to the 40th levels are supported on three main transfer girders at the 23rd level, spanning between the two service cores. A three-dimensional analysis was carried out for gravity and lateral loads. Transfer girders were analyzed separately using finite element techniques. Separate analysis was also performed for construction sequence loading on transfer girders. The final results in deflection matched closely with three-dimensional analysis. Severe restrictions on the deflection of transfer girders created unique design challenges.


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