Limitations in the Range of Applicability of the Classic silo Theories


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Title: Limitations in the Range of Applicability of the Classic silo Theories

Author(s): Demetres S. Briassoulis

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 88

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 437-444

Keywords: cylindrical storage tanks; friction loads; pressure ratio; silos; silo theory; static pressures; Design

Date: 7/1/1991

Static pressures developed in cylindrical tanks due to the stored material constitute major design considerations of such structures. The twoclassic silo theories--Janssen's and Reimbert's theories--are used in many silo design codes as alternatives to calculate theoretical lateral and vertical static pressures. The lateral pressures calculated by the two theories are found to differ significantly for a wide range of stored material characteristics and storage tank geometries. These differences become more pronounced as the parameters involved approach some theoretical limiting values. Reimbert's theory is shown to be inadequate in those critical limiting cases, whereas Janssen's theory is shown to be adequate in all limiting cases examined. This behavior is responsible for the significant differences between the two theories in the corresponding real silo cases and sets limitations in the applicability of Reimbert's theory.