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Title: Stresses, Strains, and Bursting Cracks in Anchorage Zones of PostTensioned Beams

Author(s): E. G. Nawy

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 113


Appears on pages(s): 109-132

Keywords: anchorage (structural); beams (supports); cracking (fracturing); end blocks; finite element method; post-tensioning; prestressed concrete; reinforcing steels; strains; stresses; Structural Research

DOI: 10.14359/3001

Date: 4/1/1989

Discusses the stresses, strains, and development of bursting cracks at the end block anchorage zones of post-tensioned prestressed concrete beams. It covers the two stages of loading, namely, the longitudinal prestressing loading stage and the additional transverse loading at the third span point applied during the beam testing stage. The effects of the transverse shear force on the stress/strain distributions and end block cracking of concentrically and eccentrically post-tensioned beams with rectangular anchorage blocks were studied. A three-dimensional embeddable strain gage tripod frame was developed and fabricated in this investigation to measure the interior strains in the anchorage blocks of 15 beams subjected first to initial prestressing and subsequently to additional transverse shear loading. Surface concrete strains were also measured through the use of strain rosettes mounted on the concrete surface at critical locations in the anchor blocks.


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