Towards New Bond and Anchorage Provisions for Interior Joints


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Title: Towards New Bond and Anchorage Provisions for Interior Joints

Author(s): Roberto T. Leon

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 123


Appears on pages(s): 425-442

Keywords: anchorage (structural); beams (supports); columns (supports); bond (concrete to reinforcement); joints (junctions); performance; shear stress; structural design; Structural Research

Date: 1/1/1991

Presents a critical review of current design provisions for shear and anchorage in beam-column joints subjected to large seismic actions. When current design limits are compared with experimental data, the results indicate that if short anchorage lengths and large shear stress are used simultaneously, large losses of bond transfer capacity and stiffness will occur. The performance of joints based on different levels of joint shear stress and anchorage lengths is discussed, and an empirical formula linking anchorage and shear is proposed based on the limited tests data available on bar slip.