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Title: Saddle Shells

Author(s): Alex C. Scordelis and Mark A. Ketchum

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 110


Appears on pages(s): 65-88

Keywords: edge beams; hyperbolic parabolic shells; loads (forces); reviews; reinforced concrete; shells (structural forms); structural analysis; structural design; Structural Research

Date: 11/1/1988

A review of the state of the art for the analysis and design of HP saddle shells is presented. Design considerations and basic load carrying mechanisms are discussed. Results of a detailed parameter study are presented for loadings on a saddle shell with tips free. These were carried out with a linear finite element analysis computer program that includes membrane and bending action in the shell and edge beams. Results are given and compared for shell membrane stresses and bending moments, edge beam stress resultants, and vertical displacements for the following parameters: 1) loading-shell DL + LL, edge beam DL, and shell and edge beam loads; 2) deep shell and shallow shell; and 3) uniform edge beam cross-section and tapered edge beam cross section. Additional brief discussions are given on the following effects: 1) rise-span ratio; 2) type of vertical supporting system; 3) edge beam eccentricity; 4) horizontal thrust supporting system; 5) prestressing; and 6) inelastic behavior and ultimate strength.


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