Slabs Subjected to Concentrated Loading


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Title: Slabs Subjected to Concentrated Loading

Author(s): R. C. Fenwick and A. R. Dickson

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 86

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 672-678

Keywords: concrete slabs; cracking (fracturing); flexural strength; load-deflection curve; loads (forces; reinforced concrete; shear strength; shrinkage; stresses; tension; tests; Structural Research

Date: 11/1/1989

Concentrated load tests on three one-way reinforced concrete slabs are described. The experimentally measured bar forces are compared with the predicted response obtained from standard thin-plate theory. The first slab was simply supported, the second was flexurally restrained, and for the third slab, the supports provided both flexural and lateral restraint approaching full fixity. In the first two slabs, the peak reinforcement forces were found to be between 50 and 65 percent of the theoretical values, while in the third slab they were close to 35 percent of this value. The discrepancies between the theoretical and experimental results are explained by the presence of membrane action, the tensile resistance of concrete at a cracked section, and a greater spread of flexural actions than is indicated by thin plate theory. 214-190