High-Strength Concretes for High-Rise Buildings in Japan


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Title: High-Strength Concretes for High-Rise Buildings in Japan

Author(s): F. Tomosawa, Y. Masuda, M. Abe, A. Shimizu, and S. Nakane

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 121


Appears on pages(s): 33-46

Keywords: compressive strength; concrete construction; evaluation; earthquake-resistant structures; high-rise buildings; quality control; high-strength concretes; quality control; reinforced concrete; research; structural design; Materials Research

Date: 11/1/1990

A 5-year National Research Project on advanced concrete buildings with high-strength and high-quality materials has been in progress in Japan since 1988. A High-Strength Concrete Committee was organized to establish guidelines to be used in applying the high-strength concrete of 30 to 120 MPa to reinforced concrete buildings; it has started to investigate the following items: development of cements, aggregates, chemical admixtures, mineral admixtures of high-strength concrete and establishing of the quality standards of these materials and the design method of mix proportion; establishing the evaluation method for properties of fresh concrete required in construction; establishing of evaluation methods for compressive strength and other properties of hardened concrete; and establishing of the quality control procedure and evaluation method for concrete strength in structures. Paper describes the problems of production, transportation, and placement when high-strength concrete is applied to reinforced concrete buildings standing in seismic zones and urban areas such as Tokyo. The results obtained from the preliminary studies and experiments by the high-strength concrete committee will also be briefly described.