Properties of No-Fines Concrete Containing Silica Fume


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Title: Properties of No-Fines Concrete Containing Silica Fume

Author(s): Motoharu Tamai

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 114


Appears on pages(s): 799-814

Keywords: coarse aggregates; compressive strength; flexural strength; freeze-thaw durability; modulus of elasticity; no-fines concrete; permeability; plasticizers; silica fume; thickness; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1989

Cement paste with silica fume was used to improve strength and other characteristics of no-fines concrete. The results showed that by using cement paste with silica fume and superplasticizer, apparent viscosity and yield value of the paste in the fresh stage can be controlled. The compressive strength of no-fines concretes with silica fume is in the range of 20 to 47 MPa. Other characteristics such as flexural and splitting strengths, modulus of elasticity, and frost resistance of no-fines concrete are improved. The coefficient of water permeability varies depending on the amount of the continuous void and binder. A value of 2 to 50 mm/sec can be obtained.