Interaction Between Fibers and the Matrix in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


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Title: Interaction Between Fibers and the Matrix in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): Mobasher and S. P. Shah

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 124


Appears on pages(s): 137-156

Keywords: cement pastes; composite materials; cracking (fracturing); durability; fiber reinforced concretes; glass fibers; stiffness; strength; stress-strain relationships; tension tests; Materials Research

Date: 9/1/1990

Traditionally, the first cracking strain of plain matrix is used as the material property in the fiber reinforced cement-based composites. It is used to indicate the tensile strength, and thus termination of the contribution of the matrix phase. In the presence of high volume fraction of fibers, formation of the first crack does not necessarily lead to the fracture instability; thus, matrix is able to carry increasing loads. The strength of the matrix is thus dependent on the type, volume fraction, bond, and strength of the fibers. Paper investigates the tensile stress-strain response of cement paste in the presence of glass fibers. A test procedure is described that can characterize the toughening effect of various fiber types on the matrix properties.