Durability Properties of Overlays for Erosion-Damaged Concrete


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Title: Durability Properties of Overlays for Erosion-Damaged Concrete

Author(s): Jahangir Mirza

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 126


Appears on pages(s): 279-294

Keywords: bonding; erosion; grouts; mortars (epoxy, polymer); permeability; thermal properties; thermal expansion; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1991

Erosion by abrasion, cavitation and/or chemical attack in concrete hydraulic structures deteriorates spillways, stilling basins, chutes, slabs and transverse joints, concrete blocks under water gates, and any irregular surface subjected to high water flow rate. Countless overlays are commercially available for repairing deteriorated surfaces. However, the essential data provided by manufacturers is very limited and, even if it is available, it is normally limited to room temperature values. This persuaded the Canadian Electrical Association to support a comprehensive study on commercial overlays, especially from the viewpoint of resistance against erosion and the severe climatic conditions observed in northern parts of Canada. This paper presents laboratory test data on the erosion resistance and durability properties of various types of commercial overlays such as cementitious grouts, polymer-modified cement-based mortars, and epoxy mortars.