Influence of Curing and Drying on Salt Scaling Resistance of Fly Ash Concrete


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Title: Influence of Curing and Drying on Salt Scaling Resistance of Fly Ash Concrete

Author(s): A. Bilodeau, G. G. Carette and V. M. Malhotra

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 126


Appears on pages(s): 201-228

Keywords: curing (air, membrane); deicing; fly ash; scaling; freeze thaw durability; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1991

This paper gives the results of an investigation undertaken to determine the scaling resistance of concrete incorporating fly ash, and discusses factors affecting that resistance. A total of 21 air-entrained concrete mixtures were made. Water/(cement + fly ash) ratios of 0.35, 0.45, and 0.55 were used, and reference concrete (without fly ash) and concrete incorporating 20 and 30 percent fly ash as replacement by mass for cement were made. Two aggregate types were used in the investigation. The test results show that concrete incorporating up to 30 percent fly ash performed satisfactorily under the scaling test with minor exceptions. Extended moist-curing or drying periods did not affect significantly the performance of the reference and fly ash concretes in the scaling test, at least within the periods investigated. Membrane curing appears to improve somewhat the durability of concrete under the combined action freezing and thawing and deicing salts; this is especially true for fly ash concrete.